RMVBM (Auburn, AL)

RMVBM — Hobbies

“I love to have this type of music playing when my friends come over just so I can have something fresh to introduce to them. I like to think of RMVBM as the guys who birthed oxygen… let that soak in.”

— Fresh Plug

A breath of fresh air with an air of competition, RMVBM (Hop and Crash) is a pair of mask donning emcees based at Auburn University. Aside from rapping, RMVBM is capable of producing, engineering audio, drawing, painting, and scratching turntables. That, along with Hop being from Atlanta and Crash being from Brooklyn, presents a unique dynamic that is unparalleled. Although newly formed in July 2013, RMVBM has already shared the stage with acts such as Pen Pals, DJ Mafioso, DJ Rashido, Boog Brown, and Yamin Semali. They recently released their self-produced debut album, Rocket Man vs. Better Man.



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