Raindeer (Baltimore, MD)


Photo by Nadja Martens.

Raindeer — I Dunno

“‘This Is Rock N’ Roll’ is a big, gaudy take on pre-Brit Invasion catchiness, deep fried synths and glockenspiel-like­­­ chimes irreverently bouncing off of every syllable in its nursery-rhyme-simple chorus (perversely, the song’s title repeated ad infinitum). The presence of tunneling, fuzzy riffs suggest this is the kind of sly bubblegum nugget Marc Bolan might’ve made had he lived to see the digital age. But garage pastiche this is not; an unpredictable, ADD-driven arrangement and vocals seemingly pitch-shifted by helium consumption suggest this all takes place in a distinctly post-Animal Collective universe.

— Under the Radar Magazine

Raindeer was formed in 2010 as a bedroom recording project by Charlie Hughes. The band has since evolved into a full four piece band, pulling influences from many different genres into a psychedelic pop sound. Raindeer currently features Charlie Hughes, Jessie Bucaro, Tom Yewell and Rod Lauver.



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