Preston Lovinggood (Birmingham, AL)

Preston Lovinggood - Duncan

Preston Lovinggood was the driving force behind Wild Sweet Orange – a powerful and profoundly literate indie-rock combo from Birmingham, AL who is sorely missed by still-growing cult of fans. Despite releasing a sole, beloved full-length and a few EPs, label politics found Wild Sweet Orange dropped. In the time that followed, Lovinggood retreated from music and the rest of the band, led by guitarist Taylor Shaw, carried on in the form of The Great Book of John.

Fortunately, Preston found music once more… Or did it find him? Regardless, Lovinggood is in the process of recording a new album of original material with Darrell Thorp (The Great Book of John, Radiohead, Beck) in sunny Los Angeles, California. In the meantime we have this long-awaited piece of vinyl featuring Lovinggood backed by his compatriots in Wild Sweet Orange before they called it a day… So don’t call it a comeback.



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