Ponychase (Nashville, TN)

ponychase crop

Ponychase - Cup of Hearts

“(Ponychase) is a powerhouse of expertly woven electro-pop aesthetics, jagged, post-punky guitar lines, heartbreaking harmonies and hook-rich tunes. Caress’ stunning voice packs an emotional wallop that brings the band’s ethereal, sulking songs to peaks of transcendence worthy of their influences.”
— Adam Gold, Nashville Scene

In the beginning, Ponychase was the pseudonym under which Jordan Caress recorded a series of home demos. These demos didn’t quite fit into what had come to be associated with her name based on her work with Americana band Korean is Asian, or an acoustic, ambient solo record. She wondered if she could even find like-minded musicians in Nashville to help her bring this dreamy, earnest synth pop to life. She serendipitously met Beth Cameron, of the beloved Nashville band Forget Cassettes, who had just returned to Nashville after a brief stint in Chicago. After an exchange of demos and favorite records, Cameron, a talented singer/songwriter and guitarist, was on board. Jordan enlisted her talented brother Alex Caress, to play synths, and electronic drummer Brian Siskind (co-producer of Caress’s 2008 EP), thus creating a foursome bound by blood and a long musical history.



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