Pen Pals (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Pen Pals Crop

Pen Pals - Punch Line Poetry (prod. by Pumpkinfoot)

“Two emcees by the name of sLanguage and Fathom have set forth to create a 5-track EP promoting the worth in words.”

The Pen Pals are a hip-hop group from Tuscaloosa, AL comprised of two emcee-poets. With a borderline religious view of hip-hop, they aim to maintain a certain quality with their soulful approach to writing rhymes. The two emcees spent nearly two years getting familiar with each other’s styles in freestyle sessions before taking on the title “Pen Pals”. Fathom and sLanguage came together and blended many different inspirations. They started writing as a group in the summer of 2012 and quickly formed a distinct writing style that they like to call “punch-line poetry”, in which they take concepts of substantial and/or poetic nature, and deliver them in a way that will immediately be attention grabbing. This writing led to the release of their first project, a 5 song self titled EP, in November of 2012. Each track offered something different yet true to hip-hop, and that attracted a wide variety of listeners both locally and online. Soon after the EP’s release, the two started performing together, winning crowds over with an infectious energy and stage presence. Through this the Pen Pals have helped shape and revitalize true hip-hop music in the 205 area.



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