Onawa (Asheville, NC)


Onawa — Surface (Extended)

“Onawa recently released a four song EP, and as this year comes to a close, it is going down as one of 2013′s best. The EP opens with Memories in Bending Color, a track that raps gently on the door before blowing it from it’s hinges and jettisoning it into deep space. The King Crimson-esque psychedelia wraps itself in gloss and orbits the soundsphere, eventually forming it’s own gravitational pull and collapsing into a super massive black hole. The drums build and die, the guitar mirrors their movements, the vocals question in echoes, the sound engineering spirals and ellipses. The whole, living sound springs to life, revolts and burns out…And that’s just the first track…Seriously. Give this album a listen.”

— ListenAsheville.com

Formed in 2012 in the woods of Alexandria, Va, Onawa began as a side project for two friends, Zach Wright and Kenneth Harrington. With their current project winding down and heads full of new ideas, they embarked on a journey of auditory experimentation, recording the results along the way. After months of recording and hashing out ideas, the duo set their sites on Asheville, NC and made the move there. Almost immediately after moving they joined up with fellow sonic explorers, Eric Roberts and Stephen Pierson and began translating the recordings they had made together and making strides in the direction of the band that Onawa is today. After a few years together, a lineup change, two EP’s released, and countless shows played in the Asheville area, the members of Onawa are proud of what they’ve accomplished and excited about whats on the horizon.



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