Noble ArtRight (Atlanta, GA)

Noble Artright Crop

Noble ArtRight - Married With Children

Noble ArtRight (formerly Imago Dei) is an emcee, producer, writer, community activist, husband and father. Noble has been performing for over 15 years. He has graced the stage with KRS-1 and numerous other great artist. During his career he has released three albums including the critical acclaimed Bare Essentials, along with Anderson Scott, in 2012. On the B.E. project he not only served as 1/2 of the rap duo but he also produced, mix and master the whole project. His most recent project, released on Valentine Day 2013, is a love exploring EP entitled “Listening is an Act Of Love”.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Noble ArtRight is an investigator at the Southern Center for Human Rights where he works to change and improve the criminal justice system.



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