No Suh Foster (New York, NY)

no suh foster

No Suh Foster - Signs And Seasons (Prod. by Abstrak)

“No Suh Foster may be considered another socially aware and political conscious rapper/artist blah blah blah. But if you listen closely you will realize he can only be heard as a modern day prophet, who is preaching pass the choir. All I can say is Amen. Hallelujah. And pass the album, please.”

— Amanda Lucas, The Hood Hippie

Mobile, Alabama has birthed a gem with No Suh Foster, a lyrical talent often unheard in the southern region, No Suh depicts vivid stories and observations with a spoken word-esque flow and production that blends the golden age hip hop sound with both current and abstract influences.No Suh’s sound can be attributed to a somewhat unique background. “I was born in New York, raised in Mobile” he says “That may not seem to be a big deal to some, but the fact that I could never say I was ‘ born and raised’ in any particular place kind of eliminated the idea of regionalism in my train of thought, musically or otherwise”.He released his first two projects: “Above The Influence”and “Grassroots” in 2011. While both gained him some hometown notoriety in Alabama, it would be Grassroots ode to golden age hip-hop that really got people talking. It was also around this time that Foster won the second “Who Got Bars” competition in Alabama.After a brief hiatus from music, he dropped another project entitled “X The Street From The Church”. The album: produced mostly by in house production team, Robot House, is a multilayered observation of the role of the Church in the Black community. It has been featured on, as well as nominated by Atlanta Hip-Hop Site, Str8outDaDen for indie album of the year. He has since toured and shared stages with old school legends (Blackalicious, Big Rube Of Dungeon Family) as well as underground heroes (Nesby Phips, Pell, Big KRIT).



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