Motel Mirrors (Memphis, TN)

Motel Mirrors press shot 2016 hi res

Motel Mirrors - Dearest

“Memphis’ dynamic duo—John Paul Keith, who sounds like Roy Orbison, and Amy Lavere, who sounds like she’s going to steal your wallet.”

— American Songwriter

In 2013, John Paul Keith & Amy LaVere formed Motel Mirrors – a duet project born out of a mutual desire for new artistic challenges and what might’ve just been a long overdue collaboration between two artists whose styles so clearly complemented one another. JP and Amy put out a 10” EP, Motel Mirrors. It was incredibly well received (named one of the “10 Essential Albums of 2013” by No Depression and selected as one of the best Memphis albums of the year by The Commercial Appeal) and they had a blast touring together to support it. Now they’ve added noted Austin, Texas guitarist Will Sexton to the mix and they’re cooking up a new album. With the three songwriters and three singers, the dynamic and the possibilities have changed – what was a duet is now a full band.



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