Monday/Friday (Atlanta, GA)


Monday/Friday - Right On

“As pairings go, you’d be hard pressed to find two Atlanta hip-hop artists better suited to collaborate than Yamin Semali and producer Illastrate.”


Friends for over 10 years, Illastrate and Yamin decided to join forces and create records that would showcase the best elements of what they enjoy in Hiphop rather than showcase themselves as separate artists. It is the love of the craft that forged and strengthened their relationship over the years, and now that same spirit has made Working ClassMusic Group’s brand much stronger as well.Having released an LP, EP and 7” record in less than one year’s time, the two have been giving the world their best, all while priming their audience for more talent from the WCMG camp. Both producers, Yamin Semali and Illastrate leave no stone unturned nor vinyl unplayed in the quest for the perfect beat, while Yamin adds his cuts, scratches and rhymes to Illastrate’s hypnotic, layered production.



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