Looksy (Tuscaloosa, AL)

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Looksy - Beds

“Hard-driving garage sound with stops and starts that keep things sonically interesting; Ingram’s voice, an original with hints of Jack White; powerful guitar chops; pure rock songs.”
— Wellington Riverbottom

Looksy was formed in the winter of 2011 from former members of the local Tuscaloosa band The Classic Flame, which was active from 2008-2010. Daniel Ingram, John Laing, and Kyle Posten were driven to make new music for people to enjoy and have a lot of fun doing it. The new band’s sound is a mix of loud, energetic indie rock sensibilites with bluesy hooks and fuzz thrown in to round things out. After writing and performing in small stints throughout 2012, the band added longtime friend and guitarist Rob Keating to complete their sound and bring the lineup to its current state. The members of the band have been performing together since their high school days in Walker County, working at times in different bands and sometimes together before moving to the Tuscaloosa area in 2008. With two UA Alumni in the band and one current student, the members now consider Tuscaloosa to be their hometown.

The band’s first release, an EP entitled “Poor Ole Devil”, consisted of 3 songs from the band’s early stages that presented a taste of the sounds to come. With eclectic song structures and time signatures, Looksy crafts every song to stand out from one another. As the band found their footing and sound over the course of 2012, new songs have been conceived and completed and are currently planned to be released as a new EP in the Summer of 2013. After being named one of the Top 20 Alabama Bands by local blog Well That’s Cool, the band hopes to deliver on that title by continually bringing exciting new music and electric live shows for the area to enjoy.



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