Lazer/Wulf (Athens, GA)

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Lazer/Wulf - Sacrilicious

“I totally unprepared to experience something so beautiful. If you haven’t seen L/W live, you haven’t lived.”
— Atlanta Music Guide

Formed in 2008 in Athens, GA, among indie- and math-rock contemporaries, Lazer/Wulf is an experimental metal trio that’s easy to love, but hard to peg. It’s branded instrumental but with flashes of distant vocals, a jazz collective with thrash roots, a funk group with sludge issues, or a prog band reeled in by a satisfying hook. Every cathartic fit backs against a tense silence. Whatever it is, it’s useless to describe. Just imagine L/W as a trampoline rigged to explode: it’s fun for just about anybody, but likely to kill them at any moment.



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