Lauren Michel - Make It Work

“Lauren Michel can rap and rap well, and the clarity in her voice and tone was much appreciated. One complaint I have with some rappers (especially some of the ladies) is that they rap through their nose and sound very nasally. Lauren did not have that issue and she snapped on several of the tracks throughout the project. I suggest you listen to it and see what you have been missing.”

— Kenneth Woods, Trackstarz

Former group member of The Ninjaz, The artist Lox Love has returned with a new image and sound. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL she was exposed to a mixture of musical influences through her mother and father (a lover of hard rock music). From rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, to Christian artist like Yolanda Adams, the wide range of musical background sprouted a colorful, eclectic, artist. Motivated by her faith and love for hip-hop culture, Lauren Michel brings a fresh new look to the Emcee community.



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