Lando Chill (Tucson, AZ)


Lando Chill - Between Ends

“On stage, this openness makes him magnetic. The smokers come in off the patio, the drinkers leave the bar stools they’ve posted up on all night. He often makes unflinching eye contact with attendees, and the girls swoon accordingly. He’s smooth, sure, but he’s not looking to break any hearts. Really, Lando’s just comfortable on stage. It’s a cliché, but he says it’s his home.”

— Heather Hoch, Tucson Weekly

The 24 year old, Chicago born & raised rap artist/songwriter, Lando Chill has been making waves & turning heads in the deep Southwest, calling Tucson, Arizona his current musical home base of operation. Even whilst growing up in a choir & theatre orientated background due to his mother, music wasn’t a prerogative until, by chance, he was cast in a University of Arizona Film School short in 2013 & tasked to lend his voice. From that point on, Lando has been on an enthralling journey through music, touring the country in 2015 & developing new records with his band.



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