Kill, Baby… Kill! (Anniston, AL)

Kill, Baby... Kill! - Love Theme for a Twisted Mind

What’s the hell is going on in Alabama? That state has produced some of the most interesting surf-instrumental reverb minds around. One of the finest examples is Kill, Baby…Kill, the five-fingers of death in music form. Their debut recording, the EP titled SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK, is five tracks of high voltage instro music. It’s not just power surf; the prefix ‘mega’ can be applied with absolute sincerity.

—Gravediggers Local 16

While their claims of being resurrected shine runners from late 50’s Alabama is a subject best left for debate among fans, what cannot be disputed is that when Kill, Baby…Kill! first unleashed their reverb‐drenched madness to modern audiences in late 2010, the rock scene was never to be the same.
Combining equal parts love for the instrumental rock of the early 1960’s and the drive‐in horror culture of the 1950’s, Kill, Baby…Kill! deliver a brand of instrumental mayhem that is unmatched in the current music environment. Their live show is an audio and video assault that blurs the line between live performance and Hollywood horror.

2011 saw Kill, Baby…Kill! bring their music to the masses in full force. In one year they toured a total of 10,000 miles, amassing over 40 performances throughout the Southeast. May also saw the release of their first EP, entitled Sometimes They Come Back, with legendary Punk Rock front man Joe Queer handling production duties. In May of 2011 Kill, Baby…Kill! headlined the closing night of America’s largest Instrumental Music Festival, Instro Summit 2011 in Chapel Hill, NC. They also took part in the 4th annual Clarkston Surf Fest in Atlanta, GA.

2012 looks to be an even bigger year for the band. Taking January to break in a new lineup, Kill, Baby…Kill! will soon be hitting the road once again. Scheduling is already underway for an extended East Coast tour in May that will take the band to the Northeast, including DC, Boston and New York City.
They have a new 7” EP scheduled for a March release on the Knowhere Records label. Kill, Baby…Kill! will be featured on two instrumental compilation albums this year, for both Deep Eddy Records and Double Crown Records. Plans are also in the works for a new full‐length album by the end of 2012, to be released on Deep Eddy Records out of Austin, TX. Negotiations are also in place for a European record deal with details to be released soon. Even more, Kill, Baby…Kill! will be returning to Instro Summit 2012 in May and headlining the opening night festivities.

Kill, Baby…Kill! is a busy band with a very strong work ethic. With roots firmly planted in the DIY culture, this band has never waited for things to happen for them. They make them happen.



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