Kenosha Kid (Athens, GA)

Kenosha Kid - Wall Paper

“Piercing melodies – the show-stoppingly pretty, music-major intricate kind that Wayne Shorter and Kenny Wheeler wrote in the ’70s – guide this project, and the execution is as devastatingly funky as that of The Meters or Miles Davis’ electric bands. Kenosha Kid plays jazz as if Kenny G and Wynton Marsalis never came along to ruin the genre’s mainstream and leave its great minds to squawk away in an underground vacuum.”

—Phillip Buchan, Flagpole Magazine

What does the south have to offer the modern jazz scene? Kenosha Kid is here to answer that question with its own unique fermented blend of NYC hipster jazz soaked in the humid college rock town of Athens, Georgia. The melodies are haunting, the grooves are devastating, and the focus is always on instrumentation, song arrangement, and band sound instead of long-winded soloing.

Kenosha Kid has performed in New York, Montreal, Vancouver, the states of Montana, Washington, Oregon, repeatedly throughout the southeastern US, and four tours of Germany. Their performances are often multimedia events, featuring silent films and original scores performed simultaneously.



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