Justin Peake (New Orleans, LA)

Photo by Zachary Saginaw

Justin Peake - Solo Percussion Excerpt

“Peake belongs to a rich corner of the New Orleans music scene, one that is nonetheless largely invisible within the town’s broader musical culture. In the birthplace of jazz—a music born out of the freedom of creative improvisation—it’s only natural that there should be a dedicated faction of artists taking that freedom to its limits. Peake’s electro-acousticism is just one branch of an extremely varied tradition.”

— Zachary Young (Offbeat)

Justin Peake has produced original music since 2007 in a variety of styles. Primarily a drummer, he works with equal strength as a producer and sound designer, releasing beats and performing under the name Beautiful Bells and producing more ambient work known as The Moon in Gemini. As a drummer, he has released music for solo percussion, 7 piece chamber ensemble, trio, and quartet. In 2011, he started the Merged Music Series in New Orleans, LA which showcases new, independent, electronic music. at the Dragon’s Den.



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