Junior Astronomers (Charlotte, NC)

Junior Astronomers - Dying Rhythms

Any North Carolinian who has stumbled into a Junior Astronomers show will tell you that to use the words “emotive” and “energetic” to describe them would be an understatement (brownie points for the first person to find the video of lead singer Terrence banging on a floor tom like that Phil Collins gorilla in the chocolate commercial – it exists). Terrence’s desperate, shouted vocals create a striking contrast with otherwise spacey, if not minimalist verses. Junior Astronomers also do a fantastic job of creating a band-audience connection. Too often does one see a good, energetic band perform at less than their best because the crowd didn’t have the energy to match. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Junior Astronomers – a quick YouTube serch will demonstrate how at points, it’s hard to even distinguish the audience from the band.

— Joey Dussault (Mind Equals Blown)

For all its youthful fuss and frenzy, this high-fructose Charlotte quintet plays like a band almost twice its age. Experienced but not yet jaded, well-rehearsed but never, ever choreographed, its raucous live shows are akin to hearing Ted Leo being played by lads years younger than The Black Lips. Down from I-77 for its second Columbia appearance in as many weeks, if you haven’t yet explored Junior Astronomers’ shambolic, hook-laden universe, now’s the perfect time. The pains of being pure at heart are nothing next to the joy this truly young-at-heart group offers. Take Sinatra’s cue: Come out and be among them.



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