Jeff McLeod (Montgomery, AL)

Jeff McLeod - Janusanus (Moog guitar improvisation 1-11-12)

“The sounds of nightmares, beauty, evil and madness mesh, and at times collide, to create a barrage of sound that is ruthless in its attack and compelling in its delivery. Guitar bursts through sonic chaos and concentrates the madness with sharp-edged runs that boggle and fly in the face of rock music.”


My ridiculous musical life has gone from piano to guitar to cheesy teenage cover bands to punk to hardcore to metal to prog to noise to experimentalism . . . the winding thread connecting them all being a deep love of improvisation & subversion of musical forms. I’m a multi-instrumentalist & goofy sort of musical experimentalist. I always adhere to a DIY ethic, no matter what type of music I’m focusing my attention on.

On a more blah-blah level, I’ve released recordings on loads of different independent labels, recorded albums with reluctant indie guru Steve Albini, played live with Wisconsin’s electronic music pioneers Oneiroid Psychosis, sang, played & toured with Southern noise rockers bert for years, collaborated & performed with countless other artists all over the world & founded The Subversive Workshop Newsletter magazine/home recording label & the Alabama Improv Co-op. All this just barely scratches the surface. I get tired of trying to keep up with it all. My website is a rough attempt at organizing it all . . . & even that gets annoying. I’d much rather be making music than dabbling with this big mess.

My current projects are, as usual, all over the place. I’m currently working with the incredible Moog guitar in a variety of improvised music formats, and playing regular guitar and singing with my noisy weirdo punk trio called No. If you’re interested in further music, I’d encourage you to hit the Works section of (currently being updated & migrated over from a less user-friendly online discography), & just file back through all the years of music.

I hope you find something in my music that makes your ears stand up.



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