Japanese Women (Montgomery, AL)

Vulgar Tongues

“Sinister self-indulgent noisy rock music delivered with punk energy. Discordant guitars and vocals that are pushed to the brink, all set to a Flipper-esque don’t-give-a-fuck beat. Challenging for some, to be sure, but I think that is probably the desired effect.”

Maximum Rock’n’Roll

Steeped in cassette culture, Japanese Women has traded tapes with people all over the world. However, they can’t get a show in their own town. It’s no big deal to them as the band is made up of a bunch of anti-social dudes who would rather eat junk food and talk about whatever their most recent music or movie discovery was. The goal was to be a fast paced mysterious hardcore band, but no one was on the same page so it just became punked out artsy noise rock. It’s not the kind of hardcore made by people that can beat you up, but by man children with Criterion collections and pay-per-view subscriptions to wrestling. They think they’re making genre defying loud music, but in reality its crummy disposable noise that’s probably best for soon to be forgotten house shows. They probably won’t win you over but at least they won’t look like they tried too hard.



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