Iron Giant Percussion (Birmingham, AL)


Photo by Dustin Gilmore

Iron Giant Percussion - Wooden Women

“IGP has already amassed a sizeable repertoire, including works by Christopher Rouse, John Cage, Paul Lansky, Steve Reich and David Lang. But this concert revealed the ensemble’s ability to grasp new music by home-grown talent. It shows flexibility and a searching curiosity that is rare in musicians so young.”

— Michael Huebner

Iron Giant Percussion, or abbreviated in the most confusing manner possible, FeGP, is a contemporary ensemble based in Birmingham, consisting of Sam Herman, Brett Huffman, Seth Noble, and Justin Wallace. Established in 2011 to perform a collaborative piece with Sanspointe Dance Company, they have subsequently presented many ambitious concerts in Alys Stephens Center’s Sirote Theater, Syndicate Lounge, and The Spring Street Firehouse, among other venues – each featuring some of the most influential and challenging percussion music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Iron Giant’s energetic and engaging performances aim to bring an answer to the most common question regarding percussion music: “Is that actually a thing?” That answer is a resounding, unequivocal “Yes it is!”



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