Invisible Hand (Charlottesville, VA)

Invisible Hand - I Want to Win

In less than three minutes, they deliver an indelible pop song that jangles and jitters, shines and shudders, as high on happiness as it is burdened with bothers.


Born amongst wolves: forged in smoke and fire; Invisible Hand plays baroque acid-rock with power-pop guitar theatrics. From and inspired by the ever pastoral central Virginian landscape, with two members having served time as actors (including bit parts as Bat Boys and Charles Darwins), a full time food enthusiast and a visual artist with a knack for the french chanteuses of bygone eras; a live showing may included wild gesticulations, cunning two-steps, razor sharp wit and spaced-out maneuvers. For fans of the Kinks, Wire, Buzzcocks, Sparks and snacks of all kinds



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