Hot Fudge (Athens, GA)

Hot Fudge by Lisa Rainville

Photo by Lisa Rainville

Hot Fudge - Other Side of the Gates

“Of course, these band members themselves are no slouches, as they remind us throughout, offering up cheeky classic rock tributes (“Fleetwood Gas” gives more than one melodic nod to its namesake band; “Other Side of the Gates” is a convincing study in King Crimson-esque prog-psych) and short bursts of power-pop goodness. At its best, though, like on manic nugget “To Be One Ask One,” the band transcends its influences with infectious delight.”

— Flagpole Magazine

Depressive session musicians from Athens, GA play psyched-out, prog-tinged mid-tempo 70s rock in the vain of Crazy Horse, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, King Crimson, and Can.


Southern Shelter

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