Hail the Titans (Montgomery, AL)

Hail the Titans - Cesium

“This is rock and roll – big, brawny, ambitious and loud – but delivered with an additional layer of intelligence and genre experimentation (you’ll hear jazz, prog rock, electronic and classical influences in here also) that make them larger than life. Like Titans, in fact.”

RSVP Magazine

“What’s the name of that band?” was the question of the night. It was Halloween 2010, and Wes Andrews, Trey Baldwin, Josh Carples and Adam Davila had just finished their first performance of a new musical endeavor that encompassed elements of experimental, ambient, progressive noise rock.

Shortly after performing that show with no band name, the members chose “Hail the Titans” to identify themselves.

At first, some expressed surprise or even confusion that the band is instrumental, especially considering the fact that each member has been a vocalist in other bands and solo projects, but the “where’s the singer?” question generally fades after attending a live performance and experiencing the energy level of a show.

The instrumental aspect generally earns comparisons, at least to a degree, to bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Pelican or even much of Mogwai’s song catalog, but the song structures and progressive elements seem to enter the Mars Volta, sans their vocalist of course, into the comparison mix.

Since their Halloween introduction in 2010, they have performed many shows around the Southeast, including opening for Jucifer and Maserati at venues in Birmingham, performing with The Trews in Montgomery, playing an after party for a Mogwai show in Atlanta, and performing for an official Bullrun 2011 party in Montgomery that was attended by rapper and actor Ice-T and his wife, Coco.

In between the many live shows, the band has spent many hours during the first half of 2011 working on their upcoming full-length album “Hymns of Mare Nostrum” with Headless Dinosaur Recording in Montgomery, Ala. The album was mastered by Sarcophagus Studios in Opelika, Ala. and released on August 26.

There are many ways to describe Hail the Titans, and there are many music categories and subcategories in which they may fit, but a June 2011 news story that appeared in the Montgomery Advertiser seems to sum things up in the very first sentence: “Montgomery band Hail the Titans knows how to get creative.”



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