Ghost Trees (Charlotte, NC)


Photo by Dane Abernathy.

Ghost Trees — Prosperity

“Saxophonist Brent Bagwell and drummer Seth Nanaa epitomize intuitive interplay as they balance furious cacophony and subtle melodicism, each permutation feeding off its counterpart.”

— Creative Loafing

Ghost Trees are Seth Nanaa (drums) and Brent Bagwell (tenor saxophone).

Nanaa (ex-Indian Summer) and Bagwell (Great Architect) met in NYC in 2000. Along with bassist Jordon Schranz, they formed The Eastern Seaboard. That trio toured the US relentlessly, releasing two records with legendary Italian label Black Saint and a fistful of vinyl and CDs from Tigerasylum Records.

After playing together for a decade, the duo released their debut 10″ on the Future Recordings label. September of 2014 saw the release of their most recent LP, The New Gravity.



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