Future Virgins (Chattanooga, TN)

Future Virgins - Patron Saints

“While it’s the band’s first full-length, it has the feel of veterans. The songs are concise, the tone is clear, and the production is confident. It’s both catchy and unique, and this easily would have placed within my 2011 best of lists, had I gotten around to hearing it before Christmas. The lyrics themselves aren’t all that positive, but the music itself never lets up. Recommended for fans of garage punk and pop punk alike.”


Members of Jack Palance Band, ADD/C, Big Kitty, and Sexy; Future Virgins formed in 2004. They have released a trilogy of self-recorded 7 inches, a split with the Onion Flavored Rings on 1234-go records, and the LP “Western Problems” on Starcleaner/ Plan it X south Records. Their new LP will be recorded in Chattanooga by Mike Pack at TINY BUZZ recording.

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