Floco Torres (Macon, GA)

Floco Torres 50

Floco Torres - Wanna Be

“Torres learned early on that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. As a rapper and recording artist, he is a self-made man, self-distributing his own albums, booking his own tours, even handling his own album artwork.”

— Nicole Rupersburg (Creative Exchange)

Floco Torres, a Willingboro New Jersey native began writing raps for and with his friends shortly after an English teacher in high school told him his dreams of being a journalist may not be the best way to go. Playing instruments like violin & trumpet as a child, music wasn’t a far-fetched path but it wasn’t his first (or second) on the list. In 2008, Torres moved from Willingboro to Atlanta Georgia for a marketing internship with a major record label. On the drive down to Atlanta, that plan fell through and this landed him in Macon Georgia with family. Floco quickly got to work and landed an opening slot during Macon’s largest music festival; Bragg Jam.

In 6 years, he has released a number of projects independently which led him to winning Best Local Hip-Hop artist 4 years in a row as well Best Local album three times. In 2011, Floco won the “Gateway Macon Music Competition” for his song “Cherry Street”, an upbeat tune about his experiences throughout the city. The song went on to win 6 local ADDY awards (Advertising/Design), 1 regional & one national Telly award. In 2015, Floco released two EP’s produced by DJ Shawty Slim (Grammy nominated musician B.O.B’s touring DJ) and after a positive buzz from both, Torres looks to reach a larger audience on the road in 2016.



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