Floating Action (Asheville, NC)

Floating Action - The Balance

“Like fellow lo-fi popsmiths Dr. Dog (labelmates) and The Love Language (fellow Tar Heels), Floating Action honors the traditional pop and rock influences: Beatles, Stones, Phil Spector, et al. But Floating Action doesn’t stop there; the Asheville band draws from a much deeper well. Here the deep grooves and gospel influence of Stax soul bleed into Eastern-inspired psych rock and spaced-out dub. Floating Action might well be North Carolina’s most underrated band.”


An American Music Band from Black Mountain,NC. No hot girl. Respected for their originality, production, songwriting, sympathetic musicianship. Becoming known for being underrated and creatively pure, they have struggled to find mainstream success. Notable fans include My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Dr.Dog, The Black Keys, Jonah Hill.

They have released three LPs on Park the Van Records; Research(2008), Self-Titled(2009), Desert Etiquette(2011).



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