Eugenius Neutron (Birmingham, AL)


Eugenius Neutron — Jazzy Belle

“…Eugenius Neutron is the perfect blend of dope storytelling and well thought out rhyme schemes… Many rappers talk about similar subjects but Eugenics sets himself apart from the pack with clever lines… a well deserved 5 stars.”

— Concrete Magazine

Eugenius has been sharing his hip hop doctrine from the tender age of nine. The tone of his music began to change once he began high school and started venturing into the city. Eager to flood the streets with his music and taking a note from MP, a legend in Birmingham who created a street buzz with his self-marketing techniques, Eugenius released multiple mixtapes and flooded the streets selling his CD’s and performed all throughout the Birmingham metroplex.

With money saved from working at nightclubs and profit from his CD’s, Eugenius put himself in college at Alabama A&M in Huntsville. Without a booming hip hop community in the college town, he joined the poetry society and began creating music that was less mainstream, more conscious and relatable. The BET Black College Tour gave him an outlet to showcase his incredible wordplay through their annual freestyle battle that Eugene won two years in a row. During the time, he began collaborating with his good friend and producer B-Flat Trax. Their song “Pass Me By” expanded his fan-base and became popular in the city of Huntsville.

“I stopped wanting to be like the artists who I looked up to while I was in high school and wanted to be myself and find my own voice,” remembers Eugenius. “The atmosphere in Huntsville was much more productive. I was able to be more creative. Birmingham is a tough place to live and develop. Huntsville gave me that space and opportunity.”

After mastering mixtapes, in 2011 Eugenius decided to release his first studio recording with all original music. “The Brainstorm”, spawned two singles, “Pass Me By” and “Searching for my Zen”. The project was sold on iTunes but was available for a free download on sites such as Datpiff and Bandcamp. The following year, he released the mixtape “Million Dollar Dreams”, which was given a five star rating by Concrete Magazine. In the following year, expanding his musical boundaries Eugenius elected to offer his fans a jazz influenced project. He documented his past experiences and interactions with the nightlife he was accustomed to in “The Roaring 2000’s: Beauties and the Beast”. The collection showcased a tale of a modern day bachelor and gentleman. Four of the songs were regularly featured in the Alabama Now segment on 95.7 Jamz in Birmingham.

His upcoming release “Euniversal Understanding” is an evolution of a young kid who dedicated his life to music for the love of hip hop. His story is a coming of age tale that shows the impact of music on a young man destined to share his stories and enlighten the world through song.



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