Eleven Year Old (Birmingham, AL)


Photo by Neil Jackson.

Eleven Year Old — A Hermit's Blues

“This three piece didn’t so much play their instruments as thrash themselves against them, with the singer shimmying across the stage in a staccato of frenetic energy. Larynx-shredding crooning and a rip-it-up mentality make Eleven Year Old a must see.”

— DIY Birmingham

Eleven Year Old’s sneaky, fuzzed out psych-rock tunes are Jacob Hethcox’s prayers of suburban apathy and bad posture. Joined by Sam Reynolds and Max Andrews, the trio makes music heavy with tremolo-damaged guitar, post-punk bass lines and rhythm so deep in the pocket it gets lost in the wash. The lyrics are a funhouse mirror held up to everyday experience, a mixed stream of unconsciousness and bad trip poetry sung into twisting pop melodies.

The group’s debut full-length, Harakiri Krishnas, was recorded on a Tascam 488 Portasound and put out as a limited run of home-dubbed cassettes in late 2012. The band has since released a series of three singles, Mild Child, Waste Me and A Hermit’s Blues. Their forthcoming LP, American Lizards, is due out later this year.



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