Droves (Birmingham, AL)


Droves — Dynamic Instruments

Formed in January 2009, Droves were originally the pet project of bassist Jason Barker (born Frank Ferrana), vocalist/guitarist Darryl Jacks, and drummer Patrick Sizemore (born Thomas Lee Bass). Barker was a veteran of the Birmingham scene, having replaced the vacancy in Plate Six two years prior. He butted heads with the strong-willed Jacks, however, resulting in his departure from the lineup several months later. Local guitarist Bob “David Hickox” Deal joined in his place, bringing the moniker “Drövës” with him. After altering the name and removing the umlauts (allegedly in tribute to German beer), the trio began efforts to recruit Brad Davis, vocalist for the Birmingham-based band Birdthrower. Davis initially refused the advances, only joining the band after his Plate Six cohorts announced their decision to transform their group into a new wave act. With Davis now on board, Droves became a cult favorite on the Birmingham circuit, infamously known for such theatrics as setting Sizemore’s pants on fire midsong.



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