Dorado (Birmingham, AL)

Dorado - Molotovs

One of the ongoing alternate universes of Birmingham, Alabama’s, Through the Sparks, on the same book case, with Cosmo Vac and Grey of the Eighties.
Live, Dorado often includes members of Through the Sparks, but is other times a Smothers Brothers set up with Jody Nelson and bassist Jay(son) Taylor.
The songwriting is lyric-based and aims at something that might be called “new traditional folk music” but has no sonic restrictions. It’s sort of like what would happen if the Traveling Wilburys had let a 1980s Bob Dylan do all the singing. The debut record “Modern Man: Second-hand Stories” is set for release in the late summer/early fall.


Jody Nelson
Greg Slamen
Jay(son) Taylor
Shawn Avery
James Brangle



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