Dear Blanca (Columbia, SC)

Dear Blanca_Photographer_ Chloe Villavicencio

Photo by Chloe Villavicencio

Dear Blanca - Temporary Solution

“A sobering, full-bodied bout of immoveable guitar-pop, I Don’t Mean To Dwell is the most spirited of rides; the kind of collection that grabs you in a vice-like grip and simply shakes your bones until you feel the power of its convictions.”

— GoldFlakePaint

Combining anecdotal musings and concise arrangements, Dear Blanca retrofits post-punk grit with wide ranging rhythmic feel. Led by Dylan Dickerson’s introspective warble and multi-voiced guitar lines, drummer Marc Coty and bassist Cam Powell sync to bridge obtuse folk ambling with taut grooves. The trio’s resilient musical energy lends a sense of cautious optimism, acting as an emotional life preserver that guides the listener through somber undertones.

Dear Blanca’s first two full-length releases, 2013’s Talker and 2014’s Pobrecito, were engineered and produced by Charlotte, N.C. based musician Bo White. In May 2015, the band recorded a five-song EP, entitled I Don’t Mean to Dwell, with Durham, N.C. producer Scott Solter (Mountain Goats, St. Vincent, Spoon), released March 4, 2016.



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