Deante Hitchcock (Atlanta, GA)


Deante Hitchcock - What It Ain't What It Is

“Just like the legendary filmmaker he shares a last name with, Deante’s flow keeps listeners ears on edge as they try to figure out what direction he’s going to go in next. While first listens may remind you of J. Cole, more listens will show that Deante Hitchcock warming up to tell his own sideline stories.”

— Hip Hop Wired

Deante’ Hitchcock is 21 years old, but its clear that his musical prowess is well beyond his years. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA he was introduced to music at an early age by his Uncle and lucky for us he’s stuck with it ever since.

His latest project “Wishful Thinking” has been spreading across the internet at an alarming rate. Boasting a mix of what some may call real lyricism with a hint of Southern bravado sprinkled on top he is a true product of Atlanta in the most Outkast-esque way possible.



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