Coupler (Nashville, TN)


Coupler — Sideman

“…waves of ambient drones that slowly morph into a plundering groove reminiscent of krautrock pioneers Kraftwerk and Cluster.”

— The Nashville Scene

When Lambchop’s Ryan Norris began Coupler it was largely to answer one simple question: “If I were to have a project of my own, what would it be like?” After some contemplation and pulling together of loose strands Coupler was born. Central from the outset was the notion of creating a music both modern and ancient, with its origins at the moment when early man fashioned his first tools and began beating animal skins with bones and sticks, but realized with modern implements, a body music for the ages. Then came another question: “How do we cope with the relationship between ourselves and our machines in an age of technological fear?” And then an answer: “Through dialog.” It is with this idea in mind that Coupler take the stage not only in dialog but in communion with their machines. There is no fear. For if what separates man from beast is the ability to make tools why then should we fear losing control of ourselves to them? Don’t our machines, our tools, make us all the more human?



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