China Gate (Memphis, TN)


Photo by Courtney Whitlow

China Gate - Hunca Munca

“The album pulls inspiration from Adam’s wide-array of eclectic influences found in his father’s record collection: The experimental tendencies of indie-rock pioneers’ Velvet Underground, the bubblegum smack of the Beach Boys, Beatles-esque harmonies and the crisp, power-pop guitar riffs of Memphis’ own Big Star.”

— USA Today College

If front man Tiger Adams sounds like a ball of stress, then he is rolling down a grassy hill, and the sun is shining. Hear the birds. Feel the dirt. It’s kind of nice, damp, between the fingers. China Gate’s debut album Hunca Munca, out now, sounds like beautiful rebirth, after winter.

“I was going to the doctor once a week thinking I was dying of something new each time,” Tiger Adams says. “I wanted to write a song to help me surrender to those things in my life in a nondramatic and depressing way. The rest of the album is very much about the same themes and probably dives deeper.” (via USA Today)

China Gate is Tiger Adams (Guitar and Vocals) // Walt Phelan (Lead Guitar) // Conner Booth (Bass) // Harry Neblett (Keyboard) // Kyle Neblett (Drums)



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