BUNCH (Mobile, AL)


Photo by Shane Rice

BUNCH - Cheri & Brian

BUNCH is the new rock outfit led by Alabama native songwriter Heath Underwood (formerly of El Cantador). This new collection of songs, featured on the upcoming 2016 full-length album: Forever My Sparring Partner, speak to the restless and dissolute, the misunderstood and the forsaken, the lonesome and introspective – it comes from the best we can give and when folks are at their worst. The tone and the sound owe a major debt to artists and recordings of the 70’s, and it has the gall to steal a wink at personal guitar/songwriting hero types like Stephen Malkmus, Nick Drake, J Mascis, and Nels Cline.

FMSP was recorded and mixed by Paul Kimsal between October-November 2015 in Nashville, TN, but don’t let any preconceived geographical stereotype dictate what that means. Pedal steel guitar and violin strings weave their way in and out on several of the albums tracks, but this is not a country record; especially, by definition of today’s demoralizing polished standards. Throughout its conception, new friendships were struck and improvised performances were captured in the wee hours. And, of course, there were the moments where everything sounded lacking or hopelessly ineffective as a whole. But, when you set out to make a record you punch thru the banal and the mundane, and what lies just on the other side is almost always a better piece of work.

Take these songs with you and drive to anywhere with the windows down. Fall asleep to this soundtrack under the spell of intimacy that only headphones can bring. Bring them with you on the morning commute. Wherever you go and wherever they take you is subjective of course. Tastes and genre aside, a good song is only great if you let it.



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