Bodega Brovas (Dallas, TX/ Atlanta, GA)

Bodega Brovas Crop


“What happens when more energy than any red bull distributor could ever dole out meets lyrical gold and nostalgia? You get Keynote, Travii The 7th and HeadKrack aka The Bodega Brovas. The trio spent the year putting out song after song paying homage to the Hip Hop they grew up on and ripping stages world wide. Their signature throwback blend was everything a Hip Hop soul needed this year. While they have the ability to adjust to any track they touch, their unwillingness to pander set them apart from the masses.”

Bodegas are commonly known as independent mom and pop stores in any respectable neighborhood. You can cop candy, sandwiches , and sometimes weed – all from the same spot.

Musically, The Bodega Brovas are the same way…

Travii the 7th (the white guy), who hails from Chicago, is the serious anti-establishment MC in the crew. His unique delivery and world view keeps “The Brovas” grounded.

Keynote (the Latin guy) hails out of Dallas and is a TV/Radio personality who most recently kept 97.9 The Beat’s nighttime show in the #1 slot for all 11 years that he hosted it. Don’t let the radio thing fool you. Key’s rhymes are just as bizarre as his on-air persona.

Last but not least there’s HeadKrack (the black guy), who hails from the Bronx. A multi-talented media personality, he is currently a co-host on the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show and also co-hosts Dish Nation, a nationally syndicated talk show that airs daily on FOX.

Collectively these three manage to cover the full spectrum of what’s missing in hip hop. Most importantly, FUN!

The Bodega Brovas have toured all across the US and Europe, playing shows with some of the biggest names in the game. Their critically acclaimed debut mixtape, their upcoming EP and their highly anticipated LP (scheduled for a Fall release) feature collaborations with a who’s who in the world of underground hip hop.

From the moment they hit the stage, The Bodega Brovas bring the kind of energy and skill that instantly make crowds “Believe in Bodega”.



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