Black Tusk (Savannah, GA)

Black Tusk - Bring Me Darkness

“One thing about Black Tusk: They’re the rare underground metal band that seems to realize what a hi-hat can do. That means we get great moments like the introductory instrumental track “Brewing The Storm,” where those little tics, spaced out between the riffs, build an “Eye Of The Tiger” sort of blood-pumping rhythm. Another thing about Black Tusk: All three members of the band sing, with none of them really stepping out and playing frontman. That means we get fun, goofy moments like the chorus of “Set The Dial To Your Doom,” where all three dudes play intricate tag-team vocal games on the chorus, almost like a neanderthal version of the early Beasties. And it means that we get three different tones of ragged guttural blurt, rather than just one, which is good for keeping things from getting boring.”


Savannah’s BLACK TUSK return with Set the Dial, the brand new, Jack Endino (SOUNDGARDEN, HIGH ON FIRE, SKELETONWITCH) produced disk of high-energy hard rock. Set the Dial’s ten tracks cook like the Savannah heat, raising up their signature brand of primal, triple-vocal, chromatic madness, and tattooing it across canyon-wide grooves.



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