Bare Essentials (Atlanta, GA)

Bare Essentials - Break Bread

“Bare Essentials belongs in your collection, especially if you’re a fan of hip-hop. Many people complain about lack of good hip-hop music and do not support underground artist, because they do not measure up to mainstream acts. However, I initially hated Jay-Z/Kanye West’s “Otis,” but started liking it after the video and constant radio rotation (a privilege not enjoyed by these underground artists). Bare Essentials does not only have substance but a good sound. The group gives us an opportunity to not only invest in underground artists, but also provide a solid album that can be enjoyed and reflected on.”


Imago Dei and Anderson Scott have released “Bare Essentials”, to rave reviews. As the title implies, the project offers a refreshing return to the fundamentals- beats, rhymes, and concepts. From the introductory “The Numbers” (which finds the two lyricists seamlessly weaving between one another’s verses), to the album’s swan song- “Back To Africa”, “Bare Essentials” boasts a surplus of verbal excellence. Fueled by Imago Dei’s soulful production, the album evokes the essence of a classic from the 70’s, with the social awareness of a Hip Hop joint from the 90’s. The album’s first single, “Africa” is a certified banger- fusing thought provoking lyrics and a party vibe- and has been garnering buzz in and around the Atlanta music scene.

Both MC’s are seasoned in their own right. Imago Dei is an emcee, producer, writer, community activist, husband and father. Imago released two albums prior to the Bare Essentials project and has been performing for over 15 years. He has graced the stage with KRS-1 and numerous other great artist.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Imago Dei is an investigator at the Southern Center for Human Rights where he works to change and improve the criminal justice system.

Anderson Scott is an “entertainer” in every sense. As a musician, he is an accomplished lyricist and performer- having shared the stage with numerous Hip Hop legends. His 12 years worth of experiences as an artist are now chronicled in his novel,”Underground Sun” (set for a fall 2012 release).

As an actor, he is currently using his theatrical skill as the lead instructor for THE GREEN ROOM ACTOR’S LOUNGE’s “Actors for Autism” program- in which he teaches drama to children who suffer from varying levels of Autism.

With live performances, public appearances, and grass roots street promotion- “Bare Essentials” is poised to reinvent the way listeners listen, by re-establishing the way artists create art.



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