Banditos (Birmingham, AL)

Banditos crop

Banditos - Long Gone

“Banditos’ sound is a little hard to pin down, but they’re “definitely steeped in southern rock and country, but there are shades of soul present in their sound — underscored by the sort of carefree approach to songwriting that leads to kazoo solos.”
— David Allen

In 1948, Hank Williams Sr. was asked how he decided to start making country music. He responded by saying, “I don’t know what you mean by country music. I just make music the way I know how.” What he created is what felt right and what came natural to him. 63 years later, his attitude towards music reflects that of certain musicians today. Banditos, a six piece band from Birmingham, Alabama, is a perfect example of this; following in Hank Sr.’s footsteps with their “I do what I want” honky tonk attitude, Banditos create raw and gritty southern music that will get anyone and everyone stompin’ their feet.



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