…and the lawyers (Montgomery, AL)


...and the lawyers — Briefcase

“I can’t really think of any other bands with the same sound, this album is actually exactly what I would expect from a band called ‘…and the lawyers.’ It’s quirky, unique, fun, with both moments to chuckle or raise an eyebrow and ask ‘what the hell was that?’ this really is a musical experience.”

— Amber O’Shea, Birmingham Free Press

and the lawyers started as two piece dance prog art-funk from montgomery alabama. the original concept was DJ-feeling music played by human beings, and has spread to be a unique visceral live experience. looper-core electro-art-faggotry is dabbled in, drums are beaten with tight aplomb and enthusiasm: noodly guitar noises are rejoiced and been made glad for there-in. jason fifi is a comic and artist from montgomery alabama that studied classical guitar in school but didn’t want to play wakes and weddings for the rest of his life, so he did something fun instead. this is that something fun. no matter who plays drums, the performers in “…and the lawyers” always remember to ask themselves, the question, “what would black michael jackson do?”



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