A.J. Haynes (Shreveport, LA)

A.J. Haynes — First Fig

“The voice you’re listening to belongs to 21 year old Shreveport, Louisiana native A.J. Haynes… It’s amazing to hear Blues music this good produced by some one so young. If you like good music, do yourself a favor and head over to her Myspace page for more.”

—This Is Real Music

It’s that little crack in her voice, you first hear – It’s like a tickle to the ears. She soars above the clouds with pitch precision, and then gives it a tiny hick-up or an innocent giggle. It’s intentional, but totally sincere – and that’s what makes A.J. Haynes so accessible and enjoyable. It’s her down-to-Earth delight mixed with her strong musical ability that has kept the folks of Shreveport, Louisiana entertained for over three years.
After thickening her fingertips at local coffee shops and open mic nights, A.J. joined forces with an equally talented group of musicians under the name A.J. Haynes and the Monkey Business. With influences like Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, and Hank Williams, the band struck a chord with audiences and quickly became a rising star amongst the local music scene; becoming a staple at venues such as Minicine?, Big D’s BBQ, and various bars and pubs.

Although A.J.’s charm may seem distinctly Southern, her story began far from the birthplace of The Blues and the cradle of Country & Western, in the industrial city of Yokosuka, Japan. Her mother was a professional singer from the Philippines, so the genes were right, but it was the nurture that took her nature to new heights. The family moved to America – and to the small town of Columbia where A.J. first found a voice through music. Backwoods spirituals at church and 1950’s doo-wop at home all added notes to the symphony that would become A.J. Haynes. Always a crowd pleaser, her grandmother would pay her a dollar to sing for family and friends at parties and events.

A.J. has released two albums: Clockmaker and Live @ Minicine? A.J. Haynes and the Monkey Business, and although she and the Monkey Business are taking a break, she continues booking gigs, including the Secret Stages Festival in Birmingham, Alabama, and working ‘round the clock preparing to head into the studio to work on her next album. With her guitar and unmistakable voice, she can’t help but entertain and enthrall.

A.J. aspires to continue performing, with the hopes that she, like her voice, can soar above the clouds, taking her music to audiences around the world – bringing that tickle to the ears of people everywhere.



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