Snakes (Baltimore, MD)

Photo by Kyle Tata

Snakes - Young American

“Dreary, chops-heavy western gallop with some of The Killers’ Vegas-born, Springsteen-isms in here too. Whether Mr. George Cessna, formerly of Sterling Sisters, likes that comparison or not, it’s true and there’s nothing wrong with it. Not to mention “Young American” shares almost the name of a very famous Bowie song. These country-rock kids got balls.”

— Baltimore City Paper

The band called Snakes is a five-piece rock n’roll outfit from the city of Baltimore, MD. Led by the laden lung of lead singer George Cessna, and with a unique sound that’s like listening to a “a Spaghetti Western soundtracked by a Rockabilly-tweaked Townes Van Zandt,” Snakes is old country for the new generation.



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