Della Ray (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Photo by Jeff Hanson

Della Ray - Blue World

“These are songs that sing to the heart, they speak to my core, and they soothe me in the process.”

— Ear to the Ground Music

Founded by Adam Morrow and Natalie Jensen, Della Ray is a three piece rock band built to deliver songs crafted by the couple. With fuzz noise, jangly pop, and quiet folk, the dynamic sets provide a personal outlet for Morrow, who spends much of his time providing lead guitar and backup vocals on tour with John Paul White. In the summer and fall of 2016, they worked with Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes, Single Lock Records) on their first record, due out later in 2017. With their own time, they’re looking to build this new band the old fashioned way–on the road, one show at a time.



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