The Anthony Pirog Trio (Washington, DC)

the anthony pirog trio

The Anthony Pirog Trio - The Great Northern

“Anthony Pirog: Palo Colorado Dream (Cuneiform) An instrumental guitar trio recording here that’s a bit more than usual: Pirog, an American guitarist with taste, skills, and a creative drive that takes him from jazz to rock to prog to covering Terry Riley’s “In C” with 29 other people, is all over the place but in a good way here. Meaning: This is a fine album, lush, diverse and filled with texture–but notably grounded in musicality, structured as an album, and a continuous piece of content. It’s very good, and it sounds like the work of one highly skilled player whose muse is taking him to that special place where genre classifications have no meaning. You’ll like it if you hear it, so maybe you should.”

— Dave DiMartino, Rolling Stone

Seemingly able to master any convention he chooses to adopt and more than capable of developing and adapting his own, Anthony Pirog challenges our preconceived notions about genre and guitar sound. As he comes further into his own as an artist, he continues to shape, tear down and reshape his unique conceptions of what guitar can be. Anthony’s style is studied, yet unorthodox; avant-garde, yet accessible; faintly familiar, yet conspicuously original.



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