Alabama Rose (Birmingham, AL)

Photo by Alyx Chandler

Alabama Rose - Life's A Bitch

“What started in California, and a re-birth in the small town of West Jefferson, Alabama, Rose’s sound draws from influences as afar as the two locations. Tastes of Blues, Soul, and Psychedelic rocks melt together in an explosive live show. The highly capable musicians are able to pull back the reigns a bit in order to truly give the music the justice it deserves. And the voice, oh the voice, drags the retro sounds up to today’s flavor.”

— BhamRocks

Alabama Rose is the firestorm that fronts Birmingham, AL’s only female-fronted rock-n-roll quartet. Raised on a hard blend of classic soul, blues and funk artists, Alabama Rose marries the wild spirit of Jerry Lee Lewis, the no-nonsense female persona of Wanda Jackson and the soul-baring emotion of Janis Joplin in a way that feels nostalgic while being strangely unique. Adding a band of seasoned pros with backgrounds spanning everything from jazz to gospel music, Alabama Rose creates a sound that is both reminiscent of the primal nature of rock and roll, and capable of giving modern “rock” bands a run for their money.



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