2015 Instrument Drive

Secret Stages Instrument Drive for Scrollworks Youth Music School

The Scrollworks Youth Music School is a nonprofit organization designed to prepare students to play in an ensemble setting. “We teach more than how to play an instrument. We teach music.” Scrollworks focuses on teaching orchestral instruments and piano. Beginners start in group classes. As they progress and develop proficiency on their instrument, instruction becomes more individualized.

Violin smile logoSecret Stages wants to make sure those instruments are available.

We are encouraging people to donate their unused instruments (brass, woodwinds, guitars, pianos, drums, strings, various percussion) to Scrollworks. These instruments can be dropped off at the festival gates on July 31 and August 1 or brought to:

Vulcan Vape
2780 B M Montgomery St. Suite #100
Homewood, AL 35209

Other needed items include:

music literature and instruction books
music related software
cash is always welcome


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