Urbandy (Birmingham, AL)


Urbandy — The Purple Cloud

“As one of the leading minds behind Birmingham-based hip-hop and electronic label Step Pepper, this 32-year-old techno-savvy musician isn’t letting that past lay heavy on the heart of the innovation he’s actively bringing to the local music scene.”

— WELD Birmingham

Urbandy is an electronic musician and the founder and creative director of Step Pepper Records, a Birmingham-based experimental music label. Urbandy’s music is an instrumental blend of hip hop beats, broken melodies, electronic textures and lo-fi sampling. His solo live show consists of lively beat sessions, ambient segues and projected visuals. He released a self-titled debut LP on Step Pepper in 2011, followed by the companion EP Urbandy II the following year. For Step Pepper, Urbandy oversees the label’s creative and musical direction, and acts as executive producer on many Step Pepper releases. He also curates an ongoing mixtape series highlighting label talent alongside familiar names and influences.



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