Spacewolf (Jackson, MS)


Spacewolf — Silver City

While Spacewolf is heavy, they’re not oppressive, and they manage to be metal but not morbid and radio-catchy without being dumb.

— Hymnal

Shortly after the disbanding of Jackson indie rock outfit Roosevelt Noise, singer/guitarist Drew McKercher and bassist Don Hawkins joined with former Tuff Luvs and Redneck Trucker punk/metal drummer Murph Caciedo to form Spacewolf.

Though aware of each other’s presence in the Jackson music scene, none of the members knew how the trio would flesh out (if at all). But after one short getting-to-know-you session, they decided there was something not to be ignored in the room’s chemistry.

Hawkins (bass) and Caciedo (drums) deliver structurally intense arrangements under McKercher’s angular guitars, frantic leads and intrinsic vocals (which are delivered through a homemade microphone constructed from a beer can and an antique NYC payphone receiver).

The trio has released 2 full length albums, Spacewolf (2011) and II (2013).



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